You are not alone. If you are hurting after an abortion, there is help available to you.


Abortion Recovery Alabama offers free, confidential support groups hosted throughout the year. If you do not feel that you are ready for or need a group, you can contact Cindy Harless personally. All information is kept private. Call 205.620.1344 or email her directly at


Project Rachel also offers free, confidential counseling in Alabama. Specific centers and phone numbers are listed on their site, or you can call the nationwide toll­free number 888.456.HOPE (4673).


Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats are also held regularly in Alabama. Weekend retreats offer you a supportive, confidential and non-judgmental environment where women and men can find healing and release after abortion. For information about upcoming retreats, please take a look at the Retreat Schedule.


Silent No More Awareness is a national group that also offers support after abortion, including the chance to share your story with others who have experienced the very same thing.


You do not have to face these feelings alone. There are compassionate people willing to help.